Monday, June 14, 2010

Narrow Path

Shambling down a narrow path,
I clasp on to my chains,
Swallowing sticky spit.

Mouth is dry,
Stomach is empty,
Mind is gone.

Most is only effort,
driven by necessity.

The need to look normal,
In this world where everything is expected to be OK.

Endless questions will await,
With unknown answers.

No more questions,
No more answers,
I'm sick of it.

So here you are,
a plastered face,
with a fake plastered smile.

Speak Up

So what?
I stand here for you today,
The same as I ever been.
Flesh and blood.
No one can change that,
Not even you.
Stop tryin to change me.
You never will.
This is me,
And we both have to deal with it.
Speak up!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

These Dreams

These dreams;
These impressions of bad things.
They linger in my mind.
I feel all entwined.
Lord will you help me find a way to safety?
I'm feeling all alone, no one there when I am down.
No one there to kiss my brow and tell me it's alright.
Truth and behold, my tears are for myself.
I let myself stray off the path, only to lose my way.
Lord help me find my path.

Another Light in the Sky

There's another light in the sky,
So vibrant blue,
Like the color in my eye,
Something you used to do.

Find a needle in my heart,
And ripped apart.