Friday, January 21, 2011

As of Now

As of Now

Sometimes the shade of gray overcasts the sky,
The limits I could go will only reach so high.
So magnificent the rooster crows,
When will I learn? -- No one knows.

Once I think I'm gaining speed,
Abruptly stopped and forced to plead.
Crash and burn I choose to fail,
My future is now caught in a gale.

I cannot find my will to live,
Besides my family whom often give.
These faults of mine are all my own,
I know I'll relapse; I'm too prone.

Tears turn to sand as they fall,
Before I walk I have to crawl.
I should hold my head high on my shoulders,
To quickly get past the falling boulders.

So now I stand covered in dirt,
I pat myself down and get dust off my shirt.
The weight on my shoulders is surely a load,
But this time I have to work hard to get down the road.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Once Lost, Now Forever

Once Lost, Now Forever

Once gutted like a fish,
We both know how it feels.
To be taken of everything you have,
...Felling all alone and lost inside.

Give me a kiss because of you,
You give me bliss and love.
Do not question it,
Because you fit me like a glove.

Hold me close and don't let go,
I want to be yours forever.
Take care of me---my love,
And I will be sure to be yours.

My feelings are honest,
As I hope yours to be.
I see both of us together in the future,
For I want to be next to you---by your side.

To: Bradley Asher

Monday, January 10, 2011


When you think you're fine, something happens. It all falls apart, like a decomposing body. First, it festers, then it rots. Once it rots, it grows back, as a vine or tree. By supplying minerals that helps life grow, I am restoring the planet. All is better. Once you look at the sky, you reach until you can almost touch the clouds. Do not dig up my roots, do not cut me down. I shall strive to be the best, the one above everyone. Everything's better than fine. Everything's meant for a reason...

Friday, January 7, 2011


Something stirs inside,
So deep it cannot hide.
With eyes so dark and deep,
The fear keeps me from sleep.

Gnawing on the face I bleed,
Falling darkness at amazing speed.
Eyes turn white they roll back to rest,
Sink your teeth into my shredded chest.

Howl at the moon until dawn,
Sights seen like a wolf and a fawn.
My body falls limp to the ground,
Running away with not even a sound.