Friday, January 21, 2011

As of Now

As of Now

Sometimes the shade of gray overcasts the sky,
The limits I could go will only reach so high.
So magnificent the rooster crows,
When will I learn? -- No one knows.

Once I think I'm gaining speed,
Abruptly stopped and forced to plead.
Crash and burn I choose to fail,
My future is now caught in a gale.

I cannot find my will to live,
Besides my family whom often give.
These faults of mine are all my own,
I know I'll relapse; I'm too prone.

Tears turn to sand as they fall,
Before I walk I have to crawl.
I should hold my head high on my shoulders,
To quickly get past the falling boulders.

So now I stand covered in dirt,
I pat myself down and get dust off my shirt.
The weight on my shoulders is surely a load,
But this time I have to work hard to get down the road.

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