Monday, January 23, 2012

Milky Light

Don't stand in my limelight,
It's my time to shine.
Find your own stage,
Because this is mine.
100 people watching,
And I don't care what they thinkin'.
I'm the bomb,
I'm the shit,
I'm the best bitch here.
Don't talk smack to me, you might just lose an ear.
I feel myself falling behind the curtains,
So I step back and look up,
I see you in the crowd.
You're here for me,
I am strong you say.
The most beautiful tigress chick in the world.
So step back, because these claws are comin' out.
I'ma dig 'em into the world,
And never let go without a fight.
See me shine like the moon,
Look up and you'll see me.
High above the clouds,
Inspire the world with my glory,
Because I am the best.

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