Monday, January 23, 2012


Spread your thoughts and fly,
But only when you're high.
Talk to me all night,
Hoping not to fight.
When you hold my hand,
Time passes by grain of sand.
You say you have love for me,
But you don't know what I see.
On that day, with a kiss goodbye,
I was so sad that I couldn't cry.
When you smile you make my day,
But some of the things that you say, make my whole world gray.
It's strange I can feel alone laying by you,
But I'm sure I couldn't walk a mile in your shoes.
My heart is broken, and I'm still insecure,
But this was the best choice I could make for sure.
So wipe away your tears and turn that frown upside down,
Because this is no joke and you're no clown.

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