Monday, January 23, 2012


You shine greater than anything I've ever seen before.
You smile and say hello to the world.
Living things reach out to you, looking for life.
When you don't want to be seen,
There is a haze and coldness.
When you sleep, it is dark and mysterious.
We creep in the shadows and look for you.
You awake, stretching and still sleepy.
We can see, but not so clearly.
Once you move around, it is brighter.
Your brilliance amazes me.
Every time I think of you, I have questions.
Hot and quite noticable, you gleam.
The light blinds me, so I don't look at you directly.
Using my peripherals, I can make out how you look.
So beautiful, don't grow cold, even when you feel tired and old.
We need you to live, and continue to spread your brilliance over the world.

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